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ReFiT-Analyzer helps programmers to get an overview about the components of a programm by automatically building a HTML source code information system. You can easily view it with your favorite browser or with the windows user interface of ReFiT. The analyzer accepts many languages, up to 15 languages in 1 run, and if you are looking for crossreferences in your software, use the ReFiT-Analyzer as a big timesaver. It produces reports like "What keywords does a program use ?", "Where is a module or copy used ?", "What programs have to be compiled if a copy changes ?", "What members are missing in the source libraries?", What members are never referenced ?" ReFiT-Generator produces, on basis of record copies, Cobol I/O modules that contain all basic input/output operations, to standardize all I/O handling and prepare for easy data migration with the Migration Workbench. Each I/O coding in an application programs may be replaced by a perform. So programs issue only logical I/O without knowing the filebasis. By using this technique all I/O is done by the moduls you generate. All moduls and the application programs use the copy RFTCIOS to communicate. ReFiT-Workbench generate, based on a mapping table, up to 99% of all required transformation coding, including the interface to user written coding in copies and edit-modules. So all processes are repeatble.

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